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Small Business Services

"The most dangerous phrase in the English language is: "We've always done it this way."


- Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

Why Choose Griffin SAA?

With an MBA in strategic planning and marketing, Gregory J. Griffin's foray into small business consulting began with an unexpected client, MB Cabinetry & Auctions of Myrtle Beach, SC. For more than 3 years, Griffin has provided comprehensive strategic support for the company to position them for the explosive growth they are experiencing. The company has more than doubled its annual revenue!

Small Business Services

  • ​​Comprehensive Organizational Audits

  • Strategic and Operational Planning

  • SWOT Analysis and Environmental Scans

  • Process Development and Improvement

  • Structural Development Including:     

    • Job Descriptions

    • Organizational Charts

    • Communications Protocol

    • Process Spreadsheets and Checklists

  • Sales and Marketing Planning

  • Staff Training and Development

  • Financial Analysis

John Penrose Pic.png

"Greg's enthusiasm for his work is contagious. His ability to develop strong relationships with our faculty, staff, donors and the community to engage everyone more fully in our college's mission has been impressive. 

John Penrose

Faculty Senate President Emeritus

Senior SUNY Distinguished Faculty Member

Jefferson Community College 


Have you lost a key member of your development team? 


Let Griffin SAA fill the gap with a capable development professional for 1-6 months while searching for your perfect long-term solution!

Charity Auctions

Looking to spice up your special events and raise significantly more in the process?


Check out our one-stop solution to dynamic live charity auctions!

Fundraising Services

Whether you just starting out or trying to sharpen the saw, Griffin SAA provides comprehensive support for your fundraising needs

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