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Charity Auctions

"Live auctions are like parties, they are a social event. When people are having a good time, talking with their friends, they're much more likely to bid, especially when it's for charity."


- Paul Brown

Why Choose Griffin SAA?

Under the tutelage of a professional auctioneer, Ron Wheeler, Gregory J. Griffin has honed his craft and style as a charity auction favorite at dozens of special events throughout New York State and Pennsylvania. Selling everything from art to a Mercedes Benz convertible, Griffin has helped charities including the Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities, Clinton Memorial Hospital, Jefferson Community College. and Jefferson Rehabilitation Center raise more than $100,000 through live auctions.

Charity Auctions Services

Looking to spice up your special events and raise significantly more in the process?​​


Griffin SAA has partnered with Auction Solutions, Inc. to create Charity Auction Solutions, your one-stop solution to dynamic live charity auctions!


Live Auction Services

  • Professional Auctioneer to Conduct Your Live Auction.

  • Live and Silent Auction Consultation and Planning.

  • Support for Auction Item Solicitation and Collection.

  • Event Promotion Support.​​

Ron Wheeler.jpg

"Whipping a bidding crowd into a frenzy knowing that the money raised goes to help some great causes is a win:win for everyone. I'm thrilled to have my friend and protégé, Greg, to partner with on this worthy venture."

Ron Wheeler


Owner, Auction Solutions, Inc.

Board Chairman, NYS Auctioneers Association

2012 Auctioneer of the Year




Have you lost a key member of your development team? 


Let Griffin SAA fill the gap with a capable development professional for 1-6 months while searching for your perfect long-term solution!

Small Business Services

Let Griffin SAA help your small business position itself for optimal growth without maximum headaches. Take a look at our full-range of stress-relieving services!

Fundraising Services

Whether you just starting out or trying to sharpen the saw, Griffin SAA provides comprehensive support for your fundraising needs

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